Sunday, July 19, 2009

Issues at hand:

-No emphasis on family, No emphasis on services by Agencies!
If there was emphasis on family there would be a reunification policy. If there was any emphasis on services, these agencies instead of wasting time and money doing needless investigations (something they are not trained for),they should be implementing all their own programming such as parenting, anger management etc; as opposed to telling people what to do without steering them in the right direction.
-Too many Agencies, too much independence, and zero accountability to the government whom which Agencies are funded by.
-No uniform policy, no government guidance regarding Agencies’ conduct.

Many complaints are against agencies and workers are just swept under the carpet, go unresolved, or minimized altogether! If there was a government watchdog which resolved and monitored complaints, the government would reallysee exactly which agencies are successful, trusted and respected. This way they can see which agencies deserve more money, not just because there are more children being apprehended. Too much independence in the form of people who work for CFS agencies are getting their family to be foster parents, just because of money! Not a genuine care for children. References for foster parents need to be by anyone other than people who work for CFS. This practice is a conflict of interest!
-Unfair/biased “Family Court Summaries/Assessments” by Agencies!
Recommendations in “Family Court Summaries/Assessments” are demands, stop the hostage negotiations process and dictator type relationship. Many times these assessments are not done in good faith! They point on the weaknesses of parents and exploit them. There is never any focus on the positive aspects of one’s parenting skills in the original family assessment.
-Abuse investigations out of hands of Authorities, and placed with non-biased professionals/agencies.
Reason being, when you take 4 ½ months to do an abuse investigation, and the young children some as young as 4-5 years old are not allowed to see the parents, this is very damaging and detrimental to the young. You should not investigate yourself, as it is always a biased investigation especially when it’s your integrity at stake!
-Misusing confidentiality inappropriately!
This was supposed to be used as a tool to protect children, not workers' and agencies’ conduct!

3rd Annual "Walk/March for Children in Care!" 1st week of May 2011

3rd Annual "Walk for Children in Care!"

Dedicated to the memory of Gage Guimond and the 300 other children who’ve died since Devolution

Thursday, July 21, 2011, 9pm


-8:30 pm Convene at South east Selkirk & Powers for Smudge and Prayer!
-9:00 pm Eastbound Selkirk at Powers walk begins Eastbound on Selkirk (both lanes East/West depending on crowd may be necessary)
-9:04 pm Eastbound Selkirk at Salter Selkirk at Salter merge onto Salter
-9:08 pm Southbound Salter & Flora
-9:12 pm Southbound Salter North end Slaw Rebchuck 1 ln westside South over bridge
-9:14 pm Southbound Isabel & Logan continue South
-9:19 pm Southbound Isabel at Pacific continue South
-9:34 pm Southbound Isabel & Ross continue South
-9:38 pm Southbound Isabel at William continue South
-9:44 pm Southbound Isabel at Notre Dame continue South
-9:49 pm Southbound Balmoral at Cumberland continue South
-9:54 pm Southbound Balmoral at Sargeant continue South
-9:56 pm Southbound Balmoral at Ellice continue South
-10:02 pm Southbound Memorial/Colony Portage
-10:06 pm Southbound Memorial at St Mary’s at Memorial continue South
-10:10 pm Southbound Memorial at York
-10:15 pm Southbound Memorial at Broadway
-10:17 pm convene on lawn of Legislature, speakers, candlelight vigil
-10:20 pm-11:59pm Speakers, prayers, drums, songs (to book your spot email address below)
-12:00am Extinguishing of candles to acknowledge Gage Guimond’s passing!

This and other community CFS initiatives being planned for summer 2011. To get services from the Northend Action Group (NAG) Inc., please email to address below or see our Facebook group for more information. Also, watch for updated postings and pamphlets around community!

** All inquiries, please contact Jules at **